Frankenberg again among RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influencers

Erica Frankenberg is associate professor of education and demography and director of the Center for Education and Civil Rights in the Penn State College of Education. Credit: Steve Tressler/Vista Print StudiosAll Rights Reserved.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Erica Frankenberg, associate professor of education (educational leadership) and demography at Penn State, and an associate in the University's Population Research Institute, once again is included among the 2019 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings. Frankenberg has been on the list every year since 2015.

The rankings, published in Education Week, list the university-based scholars in the United States who are identified as doing the most to shape educational practice and policy. With tens of thousands of faculty members who might qualify, simply being included in this list of 200 scholars is an accomplishment. The list includes the top finishers from last year, augmented by "at-large" nominees chosen by the 29-member selection committee. Information about the scoring process can be found on the Education Week website.

Last Updated January 22, 2019