Penn State Learning ready to support students remotely and in person

Services through Penn State Learning are already covered by tuition

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State Learning staff and tutors are prepared to support students at University Park in the fall 2020 semester via face-to-face and remote tutoring as well as Guided Study Groups. Additionally, the tutoring center will be providing its usual Study Smarter workshops remotely, as well as First Year Seminar and other course visits by request of the faculty.

Schedule tutoring in advance

Undergraduate students seeking in-person tutoring should use Starfish to schedule an appointment. Mathematics, writing, public speaking and languages each have their own schedules and information, all available at The costs of tutoring are covered by tuition.

Guided study groups available by course

Course-based Guided Study Groups, which are led by trained student tutors, are available to undergraduates at the University Park campus. These groups support students who are enrolled in over twenty challenging, larger lecture courses. More detailed information on how Guided Study Groups work can be found here.

Study Smarter Workshops offered virtually

Undergraduate students looking to employ more effective study strategies can attend one of the remote Study Smarter workshops this fall, with the first scheduled for Sept. 21. These workshops present research-based evidence that metacognition (awareness of how you learn and the predictable effects of the related choices you make) can help you successfully transition to the demands of college-level courses as well as the flexibility of setting your own schedule. Students can register for a session with their Penn State Zoom accounts here.

Penn State Learning is part of the Penn State Office of Undergraduate Education, the academic administrative unit that provides leadership and coordination for University-wide programs and initiatives in support of undergraduate teaching and learning at Penn State. Learn more about Undergraduate Education at

Last Updated September 02, 2020