Finance, Business and Capital Planning committee approves projects

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The Board of Trustees Committee on Finance, Business and Capital Planning approved a number of recommendations during its meeting today (May 2) at the Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center.

Proposals approved include:

  • West Campus Steam Plant Combined Heat and Power Systems Expansion: The University plans to install a combustion turbine and a heat recovery steam generator in the West Campus Steam Plant at University Park to increase efficiency and address campus growth. The $49-million project also includes an upgrade to the aging electrical substation east of Walker Building. The planned combustion turbine system is anticipated to save the campus about 10 percent of its annual energy costs, and provide 20 percent of its annual electrical demand and 30 percent of its steam requirements. The project will help the University Park campus reduce its carbon footprint while improving critical infrastructure.
  • 2019 Roof Replacement and Fall Protection on Various Buildings: As part of the University’s ongoing maintenance efforts, Penn State plans to replace roofs on nine buildings and install fall protection systems on eight buildings at University Park. Plans call for $7.2 million to support the work. Since the effort began, the Office of Physical Plant has replaced more than 784,000 square feet of roofs at University Park and retrofitted more than 60 buildings with roof fall protections.
  • Acquisition of 1771 Pine Hall Road in Ferguson Township: The Applied Research Laboratory has been leasing a large portion of the Karch-Taylor Building at 1771 Pine Hall Road in State College for the laboratory’s business services and other administrative functions. ARL has now been given the opportunity to purchase the entire 34,917-square-foot building and property. The proposal calls for purchasing 1771 Pine Hall Road for no more than $6.9 million.

These proposals will head to the entire board for consideration on May 3.

Last Updated May 02, 2019