Goldstein confirmed as student trustee

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Allie Goldstein, a second-year doctoral candidate studying higher education, is the next governor-appointed student member of the Board of Trustees. The state Senate approved her nomination on June 30, in time for her to be seated at the July Board of Trustees meeting scheduled for July 10-11 at Penn State Schuylkill.

Earlier this spring, a Student Trustee Selection Committee convened to consider applicants to be the next student trustee. That committee ultimately recommended Goldstein for the position, and forwarded her name to Gov. Tom Corbett, who formally nominated her for the role.

"I was really surprised, and quite honored to find out the students had selected me as someone they trusted to serve in this capacity," said Goldstein. "All of the students are leaders who are invested in the future of Penn State, and each of them are individuals who I look up to both personally and professionally. For them to instill such faith in me is something I find humbling and recognize as meaningful. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to represent the student voice on the board."Goldstein sees her new role as complementing her doctoral pursuits, because she is passionate about student development.

"Being a trustee will present me with the incredible opportunity to see how universities function, and to be a part of that decision-making process. Aside from the actual duties required of trustees, being the student representative will allow me to remain connected to my peers, and to learn what it is that matters most to them," she said. "I am fortunate to have been a part of the great educational experience that Penn State’s Higher Education Program provides. I feel that serving in this capacity will award me the opportunity to act in the best interests of the students while teaching me valuable lessons outside of the classroom."

In announcing the nomination, Corbett said, "Allie is a dedicated student and civic minded leader who will proudly represent the interests of her fellow students on the Board of Trustees. She brings a student-centered focus that is essential in her new role."

Goldstein, of East Rockaway, N.Y., holds a graduate research assistantship in the higher education program. She serves as the managing editor for the Higher Education in Review, and is the Graduate Student Association delegate for the College of Education and representative for the Faculty Senate Committee on Library, Information Systems and Technology.

Danielle Rhubart, president of Graduate and Professional Student Association, was happy that the candidate chosen by the student selection committee ultimately was seated. "This is an exciting day for Penn State students. We look forward to working ahead to codify the student selection process for future student trustees."

Historically, the governor has opted to designate one of the six governor-appointed seats on the board as a student trustee, but this longstanding tradition has not been codified. The board's committee on Governance and Long-Range Planning in March had considered a proposal that would modify the board's governance documents to require a student presence. However, with assurances that the governor would have a new student confirmed in time to be seated for the July board meeting, the measure was tabled in May to enable the change to be considered as part of the larger package of proposed governance reforms.

Student Trustee Allie Goldstein, confirmed June 30, 2014. Credit: Annemarie Mountz / Penn StateCreative Commons

Last Updated July 02, 2014