LionPATH announces new features to be included with July 2019 upgrade

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Among the visual changes coming to LionPATH with the full system upgrade slated for July 2019 are several new features that will enhance the student experience and facilitate interactions with faculty and advisers.

The upcoming LionPATH upgrade will not affect any current business processes. The changes occurring are visual changes only, resulting from the new technology that Oracle provides in its latest version of PeopleSoft.

Same screen views for faculty, staff and students

This long-awaited and highly requested feature will allow faculty and staff to view the same screen format that students see for certain pages within LionPATH. A link will appear at the top of these pages called “See What the Student Sees.” When this link is clicked, the screen will change to show the same layout that the student sees. This will help faculty and staff who work with students to navigate the system when performing certain tasks or reviewing information with them.

Penn State ID student photos now appear in LionPATH

LionPATH will now incorporate each student’s photo, as it appears on their Penn State ID card, making it easy for faculty, advisers and other staff who work with a large number of students to identify them.

New look for the Student View

The new technology involved with this upgrade also is bringing visual changes to the Student View. The LionPATH Development and Maintenance Organization has taken this opportunity to further update the Student View to better accommodate students’ needs. Informed by web analytics, student surveys, and usability testing, the new screen design features improved usability and gives more real estate to the items that students reported are most important to them when they log in to LionPATH. A demo of the new Student View will soon be available on the LionPATH Support website.

To read more about this July’s LionPATH system upgrade, visit the LionPATH Support website. For questions, contact the LionPATH Development and Maintenance Organization at

LionPATH was the first enterprise system to be implemented by the Enterprise Project Management Office. The second enterprise system, WorkLion, the University’s human resource and payroll system, launched in December 2017. The University’s third enterprise system, SIMBA, the new System for Integrated Management, Budgeting and Accounting, will replace the current IBIS system and is scheduled to launch in July 2020.   

Last Updated May 22, 2019