Nominations now open for Evan Pugh University Professorships

UNVIERSITY PARK, Pa. — Nominations for Evan Pugh University Professorships are being sought by Penn State's Office of the President. 

“The Evan Pugh University Professorship honors a highly select group of Penn State faculty for outstanding scholarly and professional achievement,” said Penn State President Eric Barron. “We are pleased to open the nomination process again this year to fill a limited number of positions.”

The Evan Pugh Professorships were established in 1960 to honor preeminent professors and recognize the importance of research in supporting the quality and reputation of the University. Professors are selected without regard to college affiliation, program or location. Professorships are granted only to candidates who are acknowledged national and international leaders in their fields of research or creative activity.

Candidates must “have demonstrated excellent teaching skills and contributed significantly to the education of students, both undergraduate and graduate, who subsequently have achieved demonstrable recognition for excellence in their fields," according to the nominating guidelines. Candidates also must hold the rank of professor with at least five years of service to Penn State.

The selection process is administered by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research. The Evan Pugh Advisory Committee will review nominations and make recommendations to the president.

All nominations must be submitted to the dean of the academic college in which the nominee is appointed. The closing date for receipt of nominating materials to the deans is Oct. 18. Requests for guidelines for preparation of nominating materials or questions pertaining to the process should be directed to Assistant Vice President for Research Operations Ruth Weber in 304 Old Main, reachable at 814-863-9580 or by email at

A total of 73 Evan Pugh University Professors have been named since the professorships were established in 1960. The 23 currently active Evan Pugh University Professors, their academic area and the year of their appointment are as follows: 

  • George E. Andrews, mathematics, 1981
  • Harry R. Allcock, chemistry, 1985
  • Nicholas Winograd, chemistry, 1985
  • Paul F. Baum, mathematics, 1996
  • Robert D. Hume, English, 1998
  • Alexander Wolszczan, astronomy and astrophysics, 1998
  • Richard B. Alley, geosciences, 2000
  • Anthony Cutler, art history, 2004
  • Joanna Floros, cellular and molecular physiology, 2004
  • Nigel Higson, mathematics, 2006
  • Donald Hambrick, business management, 2009
  • Thomas Mallouk, chemistry and physics, 2009
  • Jainendra Jain, physics, 2012
  • James Kasting, geosciences, 2012
  • Bruce Logan, environmental engineering, 2012
  • Nina Jablonski, anthropology, 2014
  • Franklin Pugh, biochemistry and molecular biology, 2014
  • Andrew Read, biological sciences and entomology, 2014
  • Karen Bierman, psychology, 2016
  • Katherine Freeman, geosciences, 2016
  • Thomas LaPorta, computer science and engineering, 2016
  • Abhay Asktekar, physics, 2018
  • Squire Booker, chemistry and biochemistry and molecular biology, 2018
  • Akhlesh Lakhtakia, engineering, science and mechanics, 2018
  • Lynn Liben, psychology, 2018


Last Updated August 30, 2019