Penn State launches new website for information

Answering questions on current events, posting public information, messages from president and board

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State President Rodney Erickson and the University's Board of Trustees today (Feb. 13) announced the creation of a new "openness" website at online.

"This is a reminder of the commitment to open communication to the fullest extent possible," said Erickson.

The site is designed to be a resource for the Penn State community and other stakeholders to find answers to their questions regarding ongoing investigations and related matters.

"This new website represents reform and change and our commitment to improve the University's openness with the public," said Karen Peetz, chairwoman of the Board.

The website has information under various categories: Frequently Asked Questions, Documents, Updates, and messages from the President of the University and Board of Trustees. The site also includes links to the University Budget Office, Right-to-Know information, hotlines and several other sources.

The website is consistent with the new policies of open communications that were announced by Erickson, Peetz and Keith Masser, vice chairman of the Board of Trustees. The University will try its best to respond to all questions from media and to post answers, unless barred by law, contract or privacy rights, according to Erickson.

As additional information becomes available it will be added to the site. For more information about the site, email

Last Updated May 24, 2019