Preparing for spring 2017 enrollment

Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

As the University community prepares for the spring 2017 semester, students can also prepare for spring enrollment with these reminders and resources. 

Complete your activity guide

Each semester, students must complete the pre-registration activity guide prior to enrolling in classes. Your pre-registration activity guide will be in the To Do List of your LionPATH Student Center. Be sure to read each item carefully and follow the prompts until you have completed the entire guide. Failure to properly complete the guide will prevent you from being able to enroll.

Plan your schedule

Students can search for spring 2017 classes using Schedule Builder, accessed via the “Academics” tab on the Student Center. Schedule Builder is a useful tool that allows you to plan potential schedules and incorporate practice, work, or break times into your day. Attribute and advanced search options are also available using the Schedule Builder.

Once you find a desired schedule, add the classes to your shopping cart. It is important to note that placing a class in your shopping cart does not mean that you are enrolled in the class or that a space is held for you in that class.

Add classes to your shopping cart

You can begin adding classes to your shopping cart on Thursday, Sept. 29 to plan and prepare in advance for enrollment.

Validate your classes

Use this feature of LionPATH to ensure you don’t have any potential problems with the classes you have selected. Validate the classes listed in your shopping cart prior to your enrollment date.

Pay your fall bill

Any student who has an outstanding balance on their fall 2016 bill will have a hold placed on their account. This hold will prevent you from enrolling for spring classes. Please note: once you have paid your bill, it may take up to an hour to release the hold on your account.

Parents who have forgotten their authorized payer password used to pay the bill must have students reset the password. Review the billing FAQS for password rest instructions.

Schedule your classes

Your enrollment appointment is the first date that you can enroll in classes. This date is determined by the total number of credits earned, plus your currently enrolled credits. This date can be viewed in your Student Center.

Ready, set, enroll

Once your enrollment date arrives, you can quickly and easily enroll for the classes you have previously added to your shopping cart. Spring 2017 enrollment begins on Oct. 12.

Step-by-step guide on how to enroll with LionPATH Credit: Samantha Gleason / Penn StateCreative Commons

Last Updated October 06, 2016