President names group to advise newly formed Greek-life Response Team

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Penn State President Eric J. Barron today (June 26) appointed membership of the Greek-life Response Team Advisory Group, including representatives from across the University who will provide advice on the implementation plan overseen by the University's Greek-life Response Team (GRT) for the University's new safety initiatives focused on reforming the Greek-letter community.

The self-governance model of Greek life within universities nationwide has failed to bring an end to excessive drinking, hazing, sexual assault and overly large disruptive gatherings within their organizations. Collectively, the University and the board are dedicated to employing solutions that produce a fundamental shift for Greek life at Penn State.  The University's 15-point action plan was unanimously supported by the Board of Trustees on June 2.

The newly appointed advisory group, will be co-chaired by the Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses and Executive Chancellor Madlyn Hanes, and the Vice Provost for Educational Equity Marcus Whitehurst. As co-chairs of the partner group, both Hanes and Whitehurst also sit on the GRT. This group is intentionally broad and includes key stakeholders from student representation from various campuses, members of sororities and fraternities, members of the Board of Trustees, various faculty and staff leaders, and alumni. Members of the group include:

  • Dean Vetere, president, Interfraternity Council (44 Chapters)
  • Jonathan Zabala, vice president, Multicultural Greek Council (14 chapters)
  • Malachi Burden, president, National Pan-Hellenic Council (2 chapters)
  • Amanda Saper, president, Panhellenic Association (PHA) Council (22 chapters)
  • Katie Jordan, president, University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA)
  • Hunter DeBellis, vice president, Council of Commonwealth Student Governments
  • Valerie Detwiler, Board of Trustees
  • Bill Oldsey, Board of Trustees
  • Walt Rakowich, Board of Trustees
  • Matthew Woessner, chair, University Faculty Senate
  • Tom King, assistant borough manager/Public Safety, State College Borough
  • Rachel Pell, associate vice president, Strategic Communications
  • Charima Young, director, Local Government and Community Relations
  • JeanMarie Jacob, incoming chair, University Staff Advisory Council

In addition to those listed above, a member of the University Staff Advisory Council also will be named as part of the advisory group.

Along with Hanes and Whitehurst, the members of the Greek-life Response Team include: Thomas G. Poole, vice president for administration and chair of the response team; Damon Sims, vice president for Student Affairs; Zack Moore, vice president for Government and Community Relations; Keith Morris, chief, University Police and Public Safety; and Frank T. Guadagnino, associate general counsel.

Last Updated June 27, 2017