Sexual Assault Task Force member voices: A video series

Sexual misconduct on college campuses has been a nationwide topic of conversation in recent months. Soon after he took office, Penn State President Eric Barron charged a group of 17 students, faculty and staff with relevant expertise to address the issue at Penn State. The Task Force on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment — chaired by Vice President for Student Affairs Damon Sims — on Jan. 29 released a report containing 18 recommendations to establish a new and transformative University plan that positions Penn State to be a national leader on the issue.

In a video series, members of the task force talk about the challenges in researching the issue, learning about the student experience and developing new potential policies for the University community.

Day 1: Community responsibilityIn the first video, Sims discusses the importance of encouraging community responsibility in addressing the problem.

Damon Sims, Vice President of Student Affairs and member of the task force talks about the long road ahead in battling sexual assault and harassment on Penn State campuses and campuses all around the country.  Credit: C Roy Parker

Day 2: Education and actionThree task force members talk about the history of handling sexual misconduct and assault on campus, education and incorporation of recommendations across the community. Watch the videos here.

Day 3: The student perspectiveFour task force members talk about learning more about the student perspective, opening up more dialogue and establishing a unified message about sexual misconduct on campus. Watch the videos here.

Day 4: Community acceptanceThree task force members talk about the need for community acceptance for the task force recommendations to be successful. Watch the videos here.

Day 5: Building on a strong foundationThree task force members talk about using the recommendations as a living, breathing document to build upon a strong foundation at Penn State. Watch the videos here.

Day 6: Becoming a leaderTwo task force members talk about using the recommendations to become a statewide and national leader in addressing sexual misconduct and raising awareness. Watch the videos here.

Day 7: Making an impactThree task force members talk about the potential impact the recommendations can have on Penn State and other higher education campuses. Watch the videos here.

Last Updated September 23, 2020