Spring breastfeeding classes now open; space needed for new lactation rooms

Spring breastfeeding classes now open for enrollment through emPOWER
The Breastfeeding Support Program at Penn State will offer two prenatal breastfeeding classes this semester in February, March, April and May. WEL 596, Basics of Breastfeeding, covers information needed to prepare for breastfeeding during the early weeks. Topics include: establishing milk supply, positioning and latch, how to tell if the baby is getting enough milk, and normal newborn behavior. WEL 597, Working and Breastfeeding, covers information related to combining work/student life and breastfeeding. Topics include: milk expression and storage, bottle-feeding a breastfed baby, and planning for return to work or class. To view class dates or register for a class, visit

Space need for new lactation rooms
The Breastfeeding Support Program can assist in establishing new lactation rooms both at University Park and on Commonwealth campuses throughout the state. Hospital-grade breast pumps, room supplies, and technical assistance are available. Having a permanent lactation space available within the building reduces the time required for lactation breaks and eliminates the need to set up temporary space on a case-by-case basis. Lactation rooms are simple to equip and can be used for shared purposes. Those interested in setting up a lactation station in their building can contact Stephanie Shuey at 814-867-0776 or

The Breastfeeding Support Program at Penn State provides lactation support services to University employees, students and their spouses/domestic partners. For more information about the Breastfeeding Support Program, visit or email

Last Updated February 01, 2017