University Park roofs to see replacements and upgrades

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Roof replacements on a portion of the more than 10 million square feet of roof area on University Park buildings appear to be in the future thanks to a recommendation to the Board of Trustees by the Committee on Finance, Business and Capital Planning today (Feb. 23).

More than 200,000 square feet of roof across various buildings will be replaced in 2017 with roofing systems designed by the Office of Physical Plant (OPP). The roofing systems were designed to maximize longevity, as well as future maintenance for the roofs and rooftop-mounted equipment. Some of the larger projects include roof replacements at the 230 Building (53,685 square feet) and the Technology Building (42,806 square feet) both at Innovation Park, as well as repairs to the roofs of CATO Park I & II (about 60,000 square feet).

The total project budget for the roof replacement program is $11.4 million with funding coming from major maintenance funds and capital reserves. The funds also will cover additional support work that may be needed, including masonry restoration and repair to ensure a watertight installation, any associated structural work to ensure the integrity of the roof, mechanical work to raise roof curbs and the installation of permanent fall protection systems.

Last Updated June 18, 2021