USAC seeking nominations for staff recognition awards

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The Penn State University Staff Advisory Council (USAC) is seeking nominations for its annual staff recognition awards.

The awards are a way for USAC to help the University community express its gratitude for the contributions of staff across the Commonwealth and all University campuses.

Described as “the voice for Penn State staff,” USAC consists of committed staff who act in an advisory capacity to the central administration; explore issues, policies, and practices that impact staff; suggest revisions to policies and new policy initiatives; and advocate for staff welfare and development.

Faculty, staff, administrators and students are asked to nominate Penn State staff members from every campus and all work units whom they feel exemplify the traits and abilities specified in each award.

All full-time staff members are eligible and anyone at the University may submit a nomination. Every nomination is considered on its own merit and will be given equal consideration regardless of type or level of staff position held within the University.

This year USAC will present three awards: the Staff Excellence Award, the Staff Morale Award, and the Staff Leadership Award.

The Staff Excellence Award recognizes a Penn State staff member who demonstrates integrity, respect and excellence in all aspects of his or her position.

The Staff Morale Award is presented to a staff member who demonstrates enthusiasm and optimism in order to create a positive, inclusive and supportive work environment for all. 

The Staff Leadership Award is awarded to a staff member who demonstrates excellence in leadership and serves as a positive role model for others.

For nomination forms, detailed criteria for each award and nomination instructions, visit the USAC Awards Page on the Human Resources website. Nominations include sending a letter of nomination along with no more than three additional letters of support/nomination to

Nominations must be received by March 15.

Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

Last Updated September 04, 2020