Workday mobile application now available to employees

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – The Workday Mobile App is here —it goes wherever you go and can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Penn State employees now have the option to perform many of the popular self-service tasks of the Workday desktop application with the convenient and time-saving Workday Mobile App right at their fingertips.

In 2017 Penn State went live with Workday, its Human Resources Management System. And now, the University is offering its employees with a secure, streamlined, user friendly version of Workday via a mobile app.

With the mobile application, employees and managers are now able to leverage the tool to perform some of the most common actions in Workday without being tied down to a laptop or desktop. The chart below highlights key features of the Workday Mobile App. While many of the features are appealing, a couple of highlights worth noting are the ability to enter, submit, and approve time; the ability to enter, submit and approve time off; and the ability to review pay slips.

Mobile App Features
Benefits* View benefits
Careers Search for jobs and refer candidates
Dashboards* View Workday-delivered and custom dashboards
Inbox Access the inbox and complete mobile-enabled tasks
Reports* View report output and generated PDF documents
Notifications Receive mobile push notifications
Org Chart View organization charts and metrics
Pay Slips View pay slips
Team View team details
Time Tracking Enter time, check in or out, and view schedules
Time Off View balances, request time off and correct time off

*While available on the mobile app, this information is better viewed via the web-based version.

A link to access either the Penn State Workday website or the Workday mobile application can now be conveniently accessed via the Penn State Go App. When on a mobile device, the Workday website will mirror your experience that you have on your laptop or desktop, while the Workday mobile app provides a more streamlined set of functionalities and features as explained above, and is optimized for your mobile device. The Workday mobile app is supported on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

To start your on-the-go experience begin by downloading the Penn State Go App. Once you download Penn State Go, follow these steps on the HR Workday Mobile App webpage.

The use of the Workday mobile app is optional. More information on the app and specific functionality can be found on the Human Resources (HR) website. If technical issues arise while downloading, installing, or authenticating, please contact Penn State IT. For questions regarding Workday data or processes please contact HR Services, 814-865-1473 or via the WorkLion portal.

Last Updated May 03, 2021