WPSU to air 'This American Life and Penn State'

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- As the world examines Penn State, the University begins to examine itself. Penn State Public Broadcasting and host Patty Satalia will broadcast a special live, one-hour radio program following Sunday’s installment of “This American Life,” which is featuring Penn State in this weekend’s episode. “Back to Penn State” is a rebroadcast of the December, 2009 episode, “#1 Party School,” with new interviews recorded this past week with Penn State fans and loyalists trying to make sense of the current crisis.

Satalia and a Penn State faculty-student panel will discuss the reactions and responses to the events unfolding at Penn State during the past two weeks and the steps the University will take to move forward. The WPSU program will air at 7 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 20, on public radio WPSU-FM and simulcast at online. “This American Life” airs weekly on WPSU-FM at noon Saturdays, and again Sunday evenings at 6 p.m.

WPSU’s panel consists of:

Damon Sims, vice president of Student Affairs and an affiliate associate professor in both the Dickinson School of Law and the College of Education at Penn State. He is a licensed attorney who has served as an advocate on behalf of children and victims of abuse, consults with other colleges and universities about legal issues affecting students, and has served on various state and regional boards and commissions aimed at encouraging civic awareness and engagement among young people.

Michael Berube, director of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities and the Paterno Family Professor in Literature, teaching cultural studies and American literature. Berube is a well-known commentator on the humanities and on academia in venues ranging from the Chronicle of Higher Education to the New York Times. He has published seven books and nearly 200 articles on American literature, cultural studies and disability studies including "Rhetorical Occasions: Essays on Humans and the Humanities" and "The Left at War."

Rawan Nasser, Penn State undergraduate student majoring in journalism. She is a facilitator in Sam Richards’ sociology course, World in Conversation. Richards, who is a senior lecturer, challenges students to talk candidly about their beliefs and attitudes regarding issues such as race and gender.

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Last Updated May 24, 2019