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Video features Penn State efforts to 'green up' Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pa. -- There are an estimated 14,500 vacant lots in Pittsburgh, and a number of organizations throughout the region are coming together to make the best use of these spaces. A new online video, titled  “The Urban Side of Green: Part Three,” tells the story of Penn State’s contribution to this effort.

The three-minute piece focuses on Penn State’s Allegheny County Cooperative Extension educators, who are testing distressed urban soil and educating communities about methods they can employ to green the lots, creating small parks, urban farms and gardens.

“From an urban farming perspective, what we’re trying to do is provide some models and some pilots for people to try to learn how to produce at a high level in an urban area,” said Deno DiCiantis, director of The Penn State Center: Engaging Pittsburgh.

View the video at Penn State Outreach’s official YouTube page:

Credit: Cole Hons / Penn StateCreative Commons

Last Updated November 18, 2010