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Alumna builds credits behind the scenes on TV's ‘Body of Proof’

Alumna Jennifer Crandell will add work on "Body of Proof" to her growing list of professional credits. Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

For people who work in film and television, it’s all about the credits, and one young Penn State alumna has started her career strong.

Jennifer Crandell, who graduated with a degree in film-video in 2012 and had her own film accepted for several high-level festivals, will add some television credits in the coming weeks.

Her name will join the list of credits for “Body of Proof,” which airs at 10 p.m. Tuesday nights on ABC, starting with the sixth episode of the season. Crandell served as a production assistant for the show.

“It’s all basic entry-level tasks, but you have to start somewhere, and any opportunity is a good opportunity,” said Crandell, who served in the Marines and was deployed to Iraq before starting her academic career at Penn State. “I’m just glad I started where I did. We worked 12-and-a-half hour days in the office, which might seem like a lot to people outside of the industry, but that’s actually pretty light for what the normal workday is like on some productions.”

Crandell enjoyed working with the show’s crew, and took advantage of the atmosphere to learn as much as possible.

“The crew was so incredibly welcoming and the entire production felt like one giant family. No one was there to knock you down. People would instead bend over backwards to help you get where you wanted to be,” said Crandell. “It was my first time working with them, but everyone who has worked with them before has attested that their productions always have a warm, welcoming atmosphere.”Crandell hopes to continue to expand her experience on various sets. She knows every experience might not go as well as that on “Body of Proof,” but she hopes to gain as much experience, in as many different situations, as possible.

“In an ideal world I’d like to work on every type of production — independent, studio, television, feature, music video, documentary, you name it. Life’s too short, you have try everything if you can,” said Crandell. “I think it is tremendously important to work your way up from the bottom and really learn everything, instead of blindly taking charge and not really knowing how everything below you works.”

Last Updated June 02, 2021