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Bill Doan to discuss beginnings, endings, and 'drifting' in lunchtime lecture

School of Theatre Professor William Doan will discuss his new play, Drifting. Credit: Bill DoanAll Rights Reserved.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Penn State School of Theatre Professor Bill Doan will discuss his new play, "Drifting" during the Lunchtime Lecture, "Embodied Mind/Damaged Brain: The Art of Beginnings and Endings," at 12:10 p.m. Wednesday April 8, in the Arts and Design Research Incubator, 16 Borland on the University Park campus.

His new play is about siblings who find a way to connect across the great divide of altered consciousness and explores how they communicate beyond the mind and the senses; making it possible to dance, laugh, and say goodbye. In addition to the play, Professor Doan’s ongoing research and creative work includes an installation piece that takes the viewer inside traumatic brain injury and a dance piece, with Elisha Clark Halpin, exploring the layers of consciousness and movement that may be imperceptible in those trapped in their own bodies.

The ADRI Lunchtime Lectures series highlights innovative projects which integrate arts and design research with science and technology. These events are free and open to all. Hosted by the Arts and Design Research Incubator in 16 Borland Building and sponsored by the Research Office of the College of Arts and Architecture.

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Bill Doan will present a Lunchtime Lecture on Wednesday April 8. Credit: Bill DoanAll Rights Reserved.

Last Updated April 01, 2015