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HUB murals celebrate 20th anniversary of Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

Credit: Grace SouthernAll Rights Reserved.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The HUB-Robeson Galleries present three murals by artist Rosemarie Fiore in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity. On view on the first floor of the HUB-Robeson Center, the murals, titled "Smoke Painting #50," "Smoke Painting #51" and "Smoke Painting #52," from left to right, will serve as an inspiration, remembrance and celebration of students being themselves and making their own mark at Penn State.

The murals were created during a live performance on the HUB lawn and will be on view for three years. A video documenting the smoke painting and tools used in the performances made by students accompany the murals.  

“It was truly amazing to see Rosemarie create in person,” said Sonya Wilmoth, director of the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity. “Her use of such a variety of tools and vibrant colors is unique. We are extremely grateful for the contribution of her work to our space in recognition of the center's 20th anniversary.”

The painting performance took place on Sept. 10. Fiore used painting tools loaded with smoke canisters to paint in front of a live audience. The smoke box tools created by School of Visual Arts students made their painting debut, as did Fiore’s newest pyrotechnic paintbrush sculpture, "Workhorse." Each mural is 144 inches by 114 inches and is made of lit color smoke firework residue, acrylic and pigment on canvas. There is currently an exhibition of Fiore’s tools and large collages in the HUB Gallery, on view through Jan. 30, 2022.

After the performance, Fiore was interviewed by current undergraduate student Kevin Goldberg, who shared that “helping the artist was honestly one of my favorite experiences.”

“My experience working with HUB Gallery staff and Penn State students on my performance and exhibition was a pleasure. Every component of our three-year planning and collaboration was outstanding. The project would not have been realized without their deep dedication and steadfast commitment to my vision,” said Fiore of the multi-year collaboration.

Fiore was selected by a jury of students, community members, faculty and staff from throughout the University. The project is supported by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Penn State Strategic Seed Grant Initiative, with additional support from Penn State Student Affairs, the HUB-Robeson Center, and the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity. The performance would not have been possible without many student and staff volunteers.

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Last Updated November 04, 2021