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'Monday Movie Night' to feature films from Bellisario College faculty, students

Credit: Whitney JusticeAll Rights Reserved.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A series of films by students and faculty in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications at Penn State will screen online weekly in April as part of a Monday Movie Night designed to showcase Penn State-produced work and serve a variety of audiences.

Films featured the series will begin at 6 p.m. Mondays, followed by a discussion and question-and-answer session with the respective filmmakers. Links to the films and discussions can be found online.

Selections include a mix of documentary and narrative films. The series will feature the following:

—April 6: “Quiet Sundays," the first documentary produced by students in the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism. The film looks at NFL fans in Britain, and earned a vareity of awards at festivals in the United States and abroad. Discussion at 7 p.m.

—April 13: “Summer," a short film about two teenage girls in a Hasidic sleep-a-way camp who, despite their every effort to maintain their purity, explore a forbidden book that leads them to a sexual awakening neither of them is prepared to encounter.

— April 20: “A Wing and a Prayer,” a critically acclaimed PBS documentary that tells the story of World War II aviators who risked their lives and freedom in the late 1940s to prevent what they viewed as a second Holocaust.

Faculty filmmakers participating in the series include: John Affleck, the Knight Chair in Sports Journalism and Society and director of the Curly Center (“Quiet Sundays”); Pearl Gluck, an assistant professor of film-video (“Summer”); and, Boaz Dvir, an assistant professor of journalism (“A Wing and a Prayer”).

Last Updated June 02, 2021