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Professor shares conversations with artists through podcast

Brian Alfred, left, and Guy Yanai, the subject of a future 'Sound & Vision' podcast. Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Brooklyn-based artist Brian Alfred, an assistant professor of art at Penn State, has taken his conversations with fellow artists to the airwaves with "Sound & Vision," a podcast of his discussions with artists and musicians about the creative process. Alfred travels to artists’ studios and gallery exhibitions to talk about life as a creative person. Recent episodes have featured Shara Hughes, Ellen Harvey, Matthew Ronay, Peter Demos and one of Alfred’s Penn State colleagues and former teachers, Helen O’Leary, professor of art.

Alfred, a recipient of the College of Arts and Architecture Alumni Award, said this podcast is filling a void. “Because I commute to Penn State from Brooklyn, I have started really getting into podcasts. I noticed that there aren’t too many casual-conversation podcasts with artists,” he explained. “Music is also a big part of my life and creative process, as it is for many of the artists I know. I have so many great conversations with friends in their studios, and I wanted to share that with fellow artists and students. It’s been an amazing experience so far.

According to Alfred, he has learned “so much” through these conversations. “Not only do I dig deep into their lives and history, but I learn a lot about their process and what drives them in life. I also get to learn about the music they like and what made them a creative person to begin with.”

Alfred said he plans for the podcasts to be an ongoing project. “I really have been doing this without microphones and recording for a long time,” he noted. “I value the ability to talk with fellow artists and musicians. … I feel lucky to have such a great community of creative people in my life. I’ve already lined up so many discussions and I’m excited to share them with the world.”

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Last Updated May 03, 2016