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WPSU earns five Mid-Atlantic Emmy nominations for excellence in programming

Regional Emmy award winners will be announced on Sept. 9

WPSU's "Science-U: Mars Egg Lander" earned a Mid-Atlantic Emmy nomination Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — WPSU Penn State has earned five regional Emmy nominations for excellence in television news, programming and individual achievement from the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences.

WPSU earned nominations for “Science-U: Mars Egg Lander,” “The Penn State Wood Collection Mystery,” “Weather World — A Lasting Legacy,” “Penn State Basketball Unlocked: MSU at the Palestra” and “Unrivaled: The Penn State Football Story.” In all, 14 WPSU individuals were recognized in the five productions.  

The Mid-Atlantic chapter nominated 332 entries in 80 award categories, and judging was completed by industry professionals from regional chapters in comparable television markets. Entries were evaluated in areas of content, creativity and execution.

The 2017 Mid-Atlantic Emmy award winners will be announced at the 35th annual Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards banquet on Saturday, Sept. 9, at the Hershey Lodge. WPSU Penn State has captured 21 Mid-Atlantic Emmys since 1981. The chapter represents Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

WPSU Penn State nominees, by category, include:

Children/Youth/Teen (19 and under) — Program or Special:

“Science-U: Mars Egg Lander”

Kristian Berg, writer/producer/director; Tyler Henderson, editor

Health/Environment/Science — Program Feature/Segment:

“SciTech Now: The Penn State Wood Collection Mystery”

Bill Hallman, producer/writer/director; Tyler Henderson, videographer/editor

Weather — News Single Story or Series

“SciTech Now: Weather World — A Lasting Legacy”

Bill Hallman, producer/writer/director; Tyler Henderson, editor

Sports — Program Feature/Segment

“Penn State Basketball Unlocked: MSU at the Palestra”

Don Hampton, senior producer/director; Juliandra Durkin, post production director; Matt Wilson, videographer/editor; Jordan Huffman, videographer/editor; Clint Yoder, location audio; Michael Klein, post production audio

Sports — Program Series

“Unrivaled: The Penn State Football Story”

Don Hampton, senior producer/director; Ken Grau, director/producer; Clint Yoder, location audio; Christopher Kugler, editor; Matt Stephens, videographer; Michael Klein, post production audio; Blake Newsock, videographer; Judson Mantz, video editor; Matt Wilson, videographer/editor

Credit: WPSU Penn State / Penn StateCreative Commons

Last Updated August 08, 2017