Men's gymnastics to host July summer camp

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- After holding the top spot in the national ranking all season and hosting the NCAA Championships, head coach Randy Jepson and the men's gymnastics program has announced the dates for their summer camp. The four-day camp will be hosted on the University Park campus from July 24-27.

The Penn State Boys Gymnastics Camp is designed for boys ages 8-18 and caters to all levels of experience, ranging from beginners to those who train at the elite level, but will be limited to 64 campers.

The camp features ten instructional sessions over a four day period and combines periods of structured group training with open, more individualized training sessions designed to meet each gymnast's individual needs. The camp features a high-quality staff of instructors with international experience, including Penn State head coach Randy Jepson and assistant coach Slava Boiko and Carlos Vazquez. Members of the Penn State men's gymnastics squad will also act as coaches during the four-day camp.

All training will take place in the Penn State Gymnastics facility located in White Building in the heart of the Penn State campus. The gym's design and its amenities make it the finest collegiate gymnastics training facility in the country. This state-of-the-art facility features 13,400 square feet of training space, nearly twice the size of most collegiate facilities.

Campers have the benefit of working on new AAI equipment and landing mats at a multitude of training stations. There are two 40' x 40' floor exercise systems, each with a Resi pit adjacent for tumbling. There is also a 68' tumbling strip where gymnasts have their choice of a Resi pit or a deep foam pit landing. Three vaulting stations are available, maximizing the gymnast's ability to train vaults using safe and effective progressions. The pommel horse area includes two pommel horses, a longitudinal horse, a single pommel station, a floor horse and a mushroom.

Strength training is performed primarily at each of the two low ring stations. Gymnasts also have the option of landing areas on horizontal bar. Again, regular floor surface along with Resi and deep foam pits allow the athletes to train safely and remain on the cutting edge of gymnastic technique. A low bar is available for strap work as well as inbar work. Parallel bar stations include a competitive/training set, a low bar station and a set of bars next to a deep foam pit for dismounts.

A trampoline is present, complete with overhead spotting and deep foam pit accessibility. Complete with new heating and air conditioning systems, upgraded lighting and a unique architectural design, the gym is not only functional but beautiful, as well. Motorized blinds have been installed to filter out sunlight from the 32 spacious windows that adorn the gym. Finally, HD televisions and DVR replay systems play back performances after every turn a gymnast takes.

During camp, participants will have the opportunity to visit various campus landmarks such as the Penn State Creamery, Bookstore and Lion Shrine.

To learn more about the men's gymnastics summer camp or to register, click here.  

Last Updated June 21, 2013