Two-time Emmy-winning alumnus manages preventive maintenance for ABC News

No problem too big (or small) for Penn State graduate Austin Hinton

Austin Hinton, who earned his telecommunications degree from Penn State in 2008, has earned two Emmy Awards during his behind-the-scenes career in television. Credit: Photo SubmittedAll Rights Reserved.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Every day offers some challenges, maybe even problems, and every day Austin Hinton finds ways to solve them.

Hinton, a media production specialist for ABC News, manages preventive maintenance for some 1,400 behind-the-scenes systems that enable shows like “Good Morning America,” “GMA Day,” “The View” and others to reach millions of viewers all over the world.

“I enjoy the challenge,” said Hinton, who earned his telecommunications degree in 2008. “There is something going on in our environment every day. It’s never dull.”

He’s been with ABC News full-time since December, previously working for the company as a contract broadcast engineer. He also focuses on prevention — daily, weekly and monthly — working to avoid problems before they happen.

It’s a mix that Hinton, a former Penn State football player, finds familiar, with a game plan and the subsequent action-and-reaction challenges. He appreciates the preparation and thrives in potentially hectic situations.

“There’s a work ethic I try to bring to everything I do, and I learned that at Penn State. It’s discipline and time management,” he said. “It’s also managing a challenge, not complaining and trying to figure out what you can learn from a situation.”

He's found a comfortable situation at ABC News, part of the larger Disney-owned environment.

“There’s a lot of opportunity and good people,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity to test your skillset in a company like this. Someone could get overwhelmed, I guess, but I’m a loud enough person to make myself heard and I do really enjoy learning. It’s never about what has happened for me, it’s about what’s going to happen next and how we can improve.”

Hinton’s background includes work on emerging communications technologies, including time at NBC Sports with its livestreaming efforts. He earned Emmy Awards for his work at the Olympic Games in Rio and Sochi.

Before that, his efforts with what became Microsoft-owned Skype TX, a studio-grade software designed to connect broadcast and media productions from around the world, were valuable. Among the many projects Hinton worked on was one that closed out a TedTalk with a virtual live choir, featuring 50 participants from countries all over the world.

Hinton has grown through his varied professional experiences and he remains connected to his alma mater. In New York City, he helps with events such as Hope Gala fundraiser for the Penn State Dance Marathon, and regularly coordinates events and watch parties at Jack and Fanny’s in the city.

Last Updated June 02, 2021