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'Expert Opinion' show airing June 28 to examine sports officiating

University Park, Pa. -- Despite, or perhaps because of, the presence of instant replay, not to mention allegations ranging from missed calls to cheating scandals, referees and other sports officials are among the most-maligned groups by players, coaches and fans alike. The most recent episode of the Big Ten Network show "Expert Opinion with Graham Spanier" takes on the popular game-day debate topic of officiating.

"Inside the World of Officiating" -- with host Spanier, president of Penn State, and guests Bill Carollo, Malcolm Moran and Dave Parry -- offers insight into the work and lives of referees, umpires and other sports officials.

Carollo has been the director of Officiating for the Big Ten Conference since 2008. Moran, a sports journalist of 30 years formerly at The New York Times, USA Today and the Chicago Tribune, is director of the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism at Penn State. Parry is the National Coordinator for College Football Officiating, an oversight structure created by the NCAA and the Collegiate Commissioners Association.

The experts discuss the physical and psychological qualities, technical knowledge and evaluative process required for becoming and remaining a sports official at different levels of sports. They also examine recent scandals and changes in the field of officiating, the relationship between referees and players and their coaches, and gray areas, even potential biases, that make foul-calling a challenging pursuit.

"Inside the World of Officiating" is scheduled to air at noon Eastern time on Monday, June 28, on the Big Ten Network. Watch a preview here.

For more information about "Expert Opinion with Graham Spanier" and to watch past episodes, visit online. For the most up-to-date Big Ten Network programming schedules, check local listings.

Host Graham Spanier welcomes experts Bill Carollo, Malcolm Moran and Dave Parry for a discussion of 'Inside the World of Officiating,' the show airing June 28 on the Big Ten Network. Click on the image above to watch a preview video. Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

Last Updated November 19, 2010