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Additional details released for updated student Compact, Aug. 19 deadline looms

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa.— In response to an announcement made last week regarding a language update to the Penn State student COVID-19 Compact, all active students have been provided details about how to review and acknowledge the new language version of the pledge.

In an email sent to all active students on Friday, Aug. 15, from the Office of Student Affairs, information was provided on how students who previously acknowledged the original pledge can now void their acknowledgement if they choose, and may now acknowledge the modified language version. Students who choose this option must submit a request no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 19.

Within the email, students also were reminded that acknowledgement of the Compact is required for all students who anticipate visiting or residing on a Penn State campus or in a surrounding community at any time during the academic year. Students planning to participate in a 100% remote capacity also need to acknowledge they have read the Compact, but if they are learning in a fully remote manner and do not visit any campus or surrounding campus community, its contents do not apply to them.

The Compact is currently available to students in LionPATH. Students who are required to acknowledge the pledge will see the Compact immediately after logging in. Those who have already taken action and would like to acknowledge the modified version should see the new Compact in 1-2 business days after submitting a request. 

Last Updated August 21, 2020