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Community reminded of resources for survivors of sexual assault, misconduct

University offers resources for individuals who may find themselves in traumatic and distressing situations

Old Main in the fall on the University Park campus of Penn State. Credit: Chris Koleno, Penn StateAll Rights Reserved.

UNIVERSITY PARK -- As part of Penn State’s efforts to create an environment focused on safety, reporting and accountability, the University has implemented an array of measures to combat sexual assault and sexual misconduct, and offers a multitude of resources for those impacted.

Victims of sexual misconduct are entitled to receive the full range of resources and support services the University offers, including academic, employment, or housing accommodations; medical care; emotional support; and advocacy services. More information on various resources is available via Penn State News.

Perpetrators are ultimately responsible for assaults by taking advantage of potential vulnerability and seeking opportunities to harm others. Penn State encourages any victim to report misconduct via phone or online to the Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response. Individuals also may file an anonymous report 24/7 online or via phone with the Penn State hotline (1-800-560-1637), online via UPPS or by calling University Police and Public Safety (UPPS). At University Park, that number is 814-863-1111. Individuals may also access numerous victim services via UPPS.

Cases of misconduct are always taken seriously and any incident reported to the University is investigated by various offices. Victims are provided support through the Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response during this process and beyond.

In an effort to mitigate sexual misconduct, employees of the University train annually to recognize distress and report suspicious activity to the University. As an example, The Red Folder initiative is a guide to help faculty, staff and others who interact with students to recognize, respond effectively to and refer distressed students to the appropriate offices/resources.  

Bystander intervention has been shown to be an effective deterrent to misconduct, and students as well as employees, may wish to engage in Stand for State, a bystander intervention program that teaches individuals how to take action when they witness something concerning.

Additionally, UPPS offers a free Community Education Program about Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention, which student groups and employees can request any time using an online form via UPPS. University Police also offers Safe Walk, a free service in which students and employees can request an escort to their on-campus destination from dusk to dawn.

All Penn State community members are encouraged to immediately report suspicious people, vehicles and activities to their local University Police department. Individuals who may feel unsafe are encouraged to call for help or locate a safe spot.

As always, Penn Staters must help those around them if they appear to be in need to help prevent sexual misconduct. 

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Last Updated September 15, 2021