Campus Life

Crow relocation bangers and screamers continuing this week

The Office of Physical Plant (OPP) will continue with its crow relocation program on Jan. 20-21. The campus and surrounding community can expect to hear loud bangs and whistles, specifically in and around an area of Burrowes Road near the IST bridge and Hosler Building.

All relocation activities are safely conducted by highly trained and experienced physical plant employees. Team members will be wearing blue and green reflective safety vests.

OPP plans to continue periodic crow harassment until they leave for the spring. Pressure washing of sidewalks will commence as soon as the first days of warmer weather arrive.Last year, approximately 3,000 migrating crows landed on campus causing unsanitary and unpleasant conditions. OPP's goal is to discourage this mass roosting and the accompanying sanitation problems. No crows are harmed by the relocation and harassment activities.Physical Plant is again partnering with Penn State researchers and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services to relocate the migrating crows. Penn State will also work closely with State College Borough to jointly find solutions to this continuing problem and OPP crews routinely monitor crow concentrations on campus.

The campus community can report bothersome crow activity and campus sanitation concerns by contacting Susan Bedsworth at or calling 814-863-9620.

Last Updated January 20, 2016