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Cycling event to impact campus parking, traffic, transit on Aug. 2

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Part of the first Nittany Stage Race cycling event, scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. on Aug. 2, will take place on campus resulting in numerous impacts to campus parking, traffic and transit.

The campus time trial will begin on Curtin Road near Beaver Stadium and will continue west to Burrowes Road. Cyclists will then travel east on East College Avenue, north on Shortlidge Road and east on Pollock Road, where participants will turn around just before the intersection with Bigler Road and travel back through the course in reverse to finish at Curtin Road near Beaver Stadium. Due to the nature of this race, new cyclists will be entering the raceway every 30 seconds, so vehicles and pedestrians will be required to find an alternate route as travel through the course areas will not be permitted.

Road Closures

The following campus roadways will be closed from approximately 7 to 11 a.m. on Aug. 2:

  • Curtin Road (from Porter Road to North Atherton Street)
  • University Drive (from Park Avenue to just north of Pegula Ice Arena)
  • Bigler Road (from Eisenhower Road to just south of the East Parking Deck)
  • Shortlidge Road (at the Curtin Road intersection, and from Pollock Road to East College Avenue)
  • Allen Road (from Fischer Road to Curtin Road)
  • Burrowes Road (from Curtin Road to East College Avenue)
  • Pollock Road (from Bigler Road to Burrowes Road)
  • McKean Road (from Mifflin Road to Shortlidge Road)
  • East College Avenue (University Drive to Atherton Street)

Drivers wishing to travel through the closed area of University Drive will be detoured to Porter Road and Dauer Drive. Anyone wishing to travel west on East College Avenue will be directed to a detour on Easterly Parkway.

Impacts to Parking

As a result of these road closures, access to the following campus parking lots will be unavailable during the event: Yellow H (Shields, IM, Wagner), Orange J, Yellow R, Yellow E (Visual Arts), Yellow L, Library ADA spaces along Curtin Road, Red H, Green C, Brown E, Brown A, Old Main, Brown B, Brown C, Yellow J, HUB Parking Deck, Lot 81, Lot 22, Yellow T (East College Avenue), and Orange G (Bennett Center).

The following parking lots will remain available for use, but with limited access points:

  • Eisenhower Parking Deck and Lot Yellow S will be accessible only by traveling west on Hastings Road, north on Bigler Road, and west on Eisenhower Road;
  • Lot Yellow E at Ferguson Building will be accessible only by traveling north on Shortlidge Road from Eisenhower Road;
  • Lot Yellow G will be accessible only by traveling south on Shortlidge Road from Eisenhower Road;
  • East Parking Deck and the sections of Lot 82 near Tener Hall and Findlay Commons will be accessible only by traveling south on Bigler Road from Park Avenue;
  • Lot Green G at Warnock Commons, Lot Green D and Lot Green J will be accessible only by traveling south on Shortlidge Road from Park Avenue;
  • The Nittany Parking Deck, Lot Green B and Lot Green H will be accessible only from the north via Park Avenue;
  • Lot Red J and Lot Red K, as well as access to University Club parking, will be available only by traveling through the FedEx Office parking lot from North Atherton Street.

Transit Adjustments

As the result of the Nittany Stage Race taking and resulting road closures, detours will be in effect on the M (Nittany Mall), N (Martin Street/Aaron Drive), R (Waupelani Drive), and V (Vairo Boulevard) routes as they head outbound from 7 to 10 a.m.  

Specific trips that will be affected include:

  • M (Nittany Mall): 9:57 a.m. trip leaving from University Drive at Lot 83;
  • N (Martin St./Aaron Dr.): 8 a.m., 9 a.m., and 10 a.m. trips, leaving from the Pattee Transit Center;
  • R (Waupelani Drive): 9:04 a.m. and 9:44 a.m. trips, leaving from the Pattee Transit Center;
  • V (Vairo Blvd.): 8:03 a.m., 9:03 a.m. and 10:03 a.m. trips, leaving from the Pattee Transit Center.

During this time, stops on campus and on East College Avenue will not be serviced. Buses will instead use Beaver Avenue, Porter Road and Park Avenue to bypass campus. Riders are encouraged to board the bus along West Beaver Avenue between South Atherton Street and East College Avenue, or along Park Avenue, at any CATA bus stop.  

It can be expected that the times when these affected trips are scheduled to leave the Pattee Transit Center, they will instead be leaving from Schlow Centre Region Library. Riders are further encouraged to use CATA’s real-time mobile app, and the website, to determine real-time arrival information during this time, and to visit to view updated rider alerts as they become available.Map and Contact Information

Click on the Nittany Stage Race Google Map to view the race course and areas impacted by the event.

For more information, contact the Parking Office at 814-865-1436 or

Last Updated July 27, 2015