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Heard on Campus: Bob Inglis,

Bob Inglis, former South Carolina congressman and founder of republicEn, kicked off the 2016-17 Penn State Forum season Sept. 8 in the Nittany Lion Inn.  Credit: Bill Zimmerman / Penn StateCreative Commons

"People ask me if I believe in climate change. I tell them I don't 'believe' in climate change — it's not worthy of belief. All it is is data. My faith informs my reaction to the data, but it's not worthy of belief. So it's just what are you going to do with the data? How are you going to respond to it? And that's what we call a 'climate realist.'"

— Bob Inglis, former congressman and executive director of, a conservative organization that seeks to fight climate change with free enterprise, at the Penn State Forum on Sept. 8 at the Nittany Lion Inn.

Last Updated September 08, 2016