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Heard on Campus: FBI Director Robert Mueller

"[Cyberspace has…] become the primary means by which we conduct business, store data and connect operating systems, from air traffic control to the power grids. That widespread use has also left us vulnerable to attack. Protecting America from terrorist attack is the FBI's highest priority. To date, terrorists have not successfully used the Internet to launch a substantial cyberattack. But in the past six years, Al Qaeda's Internet presence has become pervasive. The Internet has become a marketing tool, a moneymaker, a training ground and a virtual town square all in one."

-- FBI Director Robert Mueller, speaking Tuesday  (Nov. 6) at the Mount Nittany Club in Beaver Stadium on Penn State's University Park campus. Mueller's remarks addressed the importance of battling cyberterrorism. His appearance was part of the Faculty Staff Club  Forum series. For more information and future speakers in the Forum series, visit For photos, visit online.

Credit: Annemarie Mountz / Penn StateCreative Commons

Last Updated November 18, 2010