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Heard on Campus: Karen Tandy at the Forum

"I've said that in many ways [drug] enforcement is a last ditch effort, when education and prevention don't take root. When treatment is not there, that's when you see people get arrested. Often when they are arrested that is their entry into getting treatment."

-- Karen Tandy, former administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency. Tandy, whose tenure as DEA administrator ended Monday (Nov. 12), spoke Tuesday at The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel as part of the Penn State Forum Speaker Series, a Faculty/Staff Club event. Tandy said that the nation faces a major challenge in the rampant abuse of prescription drugs, and that on college campuses abuse of prescription drugs such as hydrocodone, combined with binge drinking and alcohol abuse, makes for "a deadly combination."  For more information and future speakers in the Forum series, visit

Former DEA Administrator Karen Tandy addresses the Penn State Forum. Credit: Annemarie Mountz / Penn StateCreative Commons

Last Updated November 18, 2010