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Heard on Campus: Penn State Startup Week, Driving Digital Innovation

“I was focused on inventing the next app or website, but you don’t have to invent something that doesn’t exist today. It’s a mentality shift. Just take something that exists and improve upon it. You don’t have to be a pioneer, just doing something better than everyone else.”

— Jon Tabolt, IST class of 2010, founder of “Swagasaurus Rex,” an online retail company.

“Everything in life that’s hard is just a series of things that are easy. If you think about an idea you have, it’s actually a matter of breaking it up into manageable pieces.”

— Steve Garguilo, founder of ActionSurge

“If you’re not confident about something, ask somebody who can help you. Don’t be afraid to use those resources and use your network. You go to this great institution [Penn State] with one of the biggest alumni associations in the world. Use it, put yourself out there.”

— Nayeem Hussain, co-founder and CEO of Keen Home

From April 17-21 on the University Park campus, Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology and College of Engineering collaborated to host a series of events aimed at teaching, motivating and inspiring the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. The week features talks from startup founders, including many Penn State alumni. For more information on upcoming Penn State Startup Week events, visit

Last Updated April 27, 2017