Campus Life

Monthly parking rates freeze, one-day permits more flexible

For the second time in three years, there will be no increase to monthly parking rates on the University Park campus. There only has been one rate increase since the 2008-09 fiscal year, and that increase was $1 per month. Dave Dorman, parking allocation manager, said the Parking Office's costs rise constantly, yet Transportation Services is committed to providing quality services at the most affordable rates possible. This year, it has cut costs and held the line on parking permits through the 2011-12 fiscal year.

One-day permit changes

Currently, the Parking Office sells four different types of one-day scratch-off parking passes. Each pass grants access to specific lot types on campus. There are one-day permits available for access to Red A lots, Orange lots and Commuter lots. There also is a permit that gives the choice of one of three on-campus parking decks (Eisenhower, East and Nittany).

Starting Jan. 1, in an effort to make parking on campus easier and more convenient for one-day parkers, the office is combining three of the passes into one. The new permit will be $6 and provide the driver with a permit valid in Red A and Orange lots, or one of the three parking decks. This will provide the customer with substantial flexibility to access one or more areas on campus.

The Parking Office will continue to offer the one-day commuter lot permit that is valid any at of the three commuter lots (Lot 44, Stadium West and Porter North). The cost of the one-day commuter permit will remain at $4.

Last Updated December 06, 2011