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Nominate your fellow Penn Staters for a 'We Are!' shoutout

Feature gives community members a chance to thank fellow Penn Staters for all they do

Do you know a fellow Penn Stater who deserves a pat on the back for a job well done? Here's your chance to recognize them — nominate that faculty, student or staff member for a "We Are!" shoutout in Penn State Today. Credit: Patrick Mansell / Penn StateCreative Commons

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – “We Are!” shoutouts are a recurring feature in Penn State Today that provides faculty, staff and students with a platform to give kudos to fellow Penn Staters for going the extra mile in the work they do for the University.

The “We Are!” series recognizes faculty, staff and students for Penn State-related work they’ve done that goes above and beyond their professional duties or responsibilities as students. That could include a University maintenance worker taking extra steps to make sure a project is completed, a student organizing a charitable event, an administrator going out of their way to do something special for their employees or a faculty member who goes above and beyond when advising students.

Make your nomination now.

Following are the guidelines for the "We Are!" nomination and selection process and information on who is eligible for recognition:

  • Nominators must provide their names so that, if needed, they can be contacted to confirm the information. Nominators also must provide the full name of the nominees, who will be contacted to confirm the nomination is in keeping with work they’ve done and to ensure the suitability of the recognition. This will also provide a nominee the opportunity to decline public recognition.

  • Nominations cannot be used to promote commercial products.

  • Shoutouts should not be reflective of personal favors or activities not related to the University. All shoutouts should be limited to 300 characters in length. The Penn State Today editorial staff has the final word when determining which submissions are suitable for publication, and reserves the right to edit for length, style and appropriateness.

  • Those in top leadership positions at the University are not be eligible to participate, including: the University president, provost, campus chancellors and college deans; those who report directly to the University president; interim appointments to those positions; members of the University Board of Trustees; and staff members in the Office of Strategic Communications.

Additional questions about "We Are!" and the nomination process can be sent to Michel Garrett in the Office of Strategic Communications at


Last Updated November 03, 2021