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'This is Penn State' debuts with look at West Halls' beloved cookie

Bakery manager Clay Barkley offers a glimpse at the West Halls cookie's origins in "This is Penn State."  Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- “This is Penn State,” a slice-of-life look at the University, kicks off with a spotlight on the West Halls cookie – a much loved chocolate chip treat.

Host Bill Zimmerman follows the cookies from the Penn State Bakery to West Halls, where students eagerly await fresh-from-the-oven, mouth-watering sweets.  

“This is Penn State” celebrates the ambition, creativity and expertise among students, staff and faculty at University Park and beyond. Installments will air monthly on Penn State News, Penn State Today and University social media platforms. 

How does a cookie get rock star status? "This is Penn State" explores the magic of West Halls cookies.  


Last Updated May 12, 2015