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'This is Penn State' looks at the lumberjacks/jills who are a cut above the rest

The lumberjacks and lumberjills of the Penn State Woodsmen Club put their skills to work in a variety of competitions, including log rolling. Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- For the lumberjacks and lumberjills of the Penn State Woodsmen Club, splinters and calluses are routine. But there's nothing routine about their sport.

As student Evan Putreny, one of the team's stars, put it: "You don't see people running chainsaws and swinging axes and throwing axes every day. 

The "This is Penn State" crew visited the team at a practice about a half-mile north of campus, near the University's Living Filter spray fields. After lots of chopping, sawing and ax throwing, Episode 3 arrives. 

Where do Penn Staters transform into lumberjacks and lumberjills? "This is Penn State" meets the Penn State Woodsmen.   Credit: C Roy Parker

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Last Updated July 07, 2015