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Social media campaign #PSU24 to showcase a day in the life of Penn State

Lehigh Valley campus community encouraged to join the conversation

Penn State Lehigh Valley will participate in a day in the life of Penn State, dubbed #PSU24, on its social media platforms on Oct. 23. Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

Starting at sunrise on Thursday, Oct. 23, a 24-hour social media campaign will chronicle a day in the life of Penn State. Dubbed #PSU24, the campaign seeks to showcase the many moments and experiences that make up a day at Penn State, on campuses around Pennsylvania and at locations around the world.

The effort will go from sunrise to sunrise, beginning at 7:32 a.m. EDT on Oct. 23 and concluding at 7:33 a.m. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends are encouraged to contribute using #PSU24 with photos, videos and messages of their Penn State moments throughout the day on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Facebook.

The Penn State Lehigh Valley community is encouraged to participate using #PSULV in addition to #PSU24, so posts can be shared on official campus social media outlets.

Social media posts will be collected and curated for anyone to follow at The site also includes downloads of the #PSU24 mark for contributors to include in their photos.

The project aims to show the moments, big and small, that are part of a day at Penn State – research in the lab, getting a scoop of Creamery ice cream at Hotel Bethlehem, working at your internship, classroom discussions, studying in another country, working behind the scenes and much more.

"There is so much happening all day every day in the Penn State community and we want to highlight the vast number of experiences Penn Staters share each day that make our community what it is,” said Geoff Rushton, manager of the University’s Social Media Office, which is coordinating the project. “Whether it’s a World Campus student studying on the other side of the world, or a staff member working on campus overnight, Penn State really never sleeps. This is a great opportunity to spotlight the incredible spirit of Penn Staters and the impact they are making every day.”

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Last Updated October 21, 2014