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University Police vehicles begin sporting new look

Police vehicles at all Penn State locations will eventually have a unified look

Credit: Patrick Mansell / Penn StateCreative Commons

University Police vehicles are a common sight across Penn State campuses, but some of them now have a new look thanks to a collaboration between University Police, Transportation Services and the Auxiliary and Business Services (A&BS) marketing office.

Transportation Services recently purchased 16 new 2018 Ford Explorers to replace police vehicles nearing the end of their life cycle at University Park and several Commonwealth Campuses.

Crew from the graphics firm Endagraph apply a rear-window decal to one of the new University Police Services vehicles. Credit: Patrick Mansell / Penn StateCreative Commons

In an effort to begin implementing a consistent look to the University Police fleet across the Commonwealth, the A&BS marketing office developed a new vehicle graphics design that incorporates the updated Penn State mark, as well as a fresh Penn State-themed color palette. Graphic installation was completed on all 16 vehicles earlier this month by Endagraph, an applied graphics firm based in Export, Pennysylvania, who has served a nationwide array of clients, including Fox Sports, NBC Sports, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and Perdue Farms.

Delivery of the vehicles is currently underway, and several of them can now be seen in service at University Park. Five additional vehicles will hit the road with the new design later this year, and plans are for the new look to be incorporated in all new patrol vehicles purchased for Penn State campuses in the coming years.

Side pinstriping and decals are applied to one of the new fleet of sixteen University Police Services vehicles. Several of the new vehicles are in service now around the University Park campus. Credit: Patrick Mansell / Penn StateCreative Commons


Last Updated March 26, 2018