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Alumni can power career connections with LionLink

Start or continue building a personal LionLink profile and begin connecting with the Penn State community by visiting Credit: Penn State Alumni Association / Penn StateCreative Commons

Now, more than ever, Penn State alumni are connecting to encourage, support, and guide each other during a time of career uncertainty. 

The Penn State Alumni Association’s LionLink career connections platform provides a place for Penn Staters all over the world to interact and develop professional relationships that can be beneficial not only now, but for a lifetime.

Every alumni that joins the platform has opted in to the network, giving it a stronger sense of that Penn State community.

Features include

  • The option to log in using LinkedIn, Facebook or an existing email address
  • A robust career resources platform to browse and learn
  • The ability to search for connections based on specific criteria like company, location, and major
  • A dynamic discussion board that allows for users to post questions to help them connect to other platform users and grow professionally

This platform is also an important avenue for alumni to serve as a resource for Penn State’s students. Alumni are positioned well to help students understand career choices based on real-time insights and help students understand company nuances and industry specifics.

Upon registering for LionLink, alumni can indicate if they would like to be a resource to students and clubs and organizations for the purpose of presentations and other activities.

Students have used the LionLink platform to develop professional relationships that help them grow in their majors as well as better understand what to expect from the working world post-graduation.

LionLink offers a quick and easy way for alumni to connect with other alumni and for students to connect with alumni, as well. The platform allows for meeting times to be set internally and provides pre-loaded language to help with the initial connection.

Alumni will questions about LionLink, are encouraged to reach out to a member of the Alumni Association’s Alumni Career Services team, who can provide further information on this platform and other career connection services offered by the association.

Start or continue building a personal LionLink profile and begin connecting with the Penn State community by visiting

Last Updated December 17, 2020