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Web of Science offers new content

Service available for individuals with a Penn State access ID

New content and functionality is now available to individuals with a Penn State access ID who use the University Libraries’ Web of Science, an online resource from Thomson Reuters. This will provide users with the ability to link between products within the platform, and to link to publishers' full-text documents.

Among the enhancements:

  • The Derwent Innovations Index, with international patent content back to 1963, helps both researchers and entrepreneurs. It provides enhanced information on patents, not available through the US Patent and Trademark Office or other patent research tools. Derwent's assignee tracking makes it easier to find all the patents from a company, despite changes in company names over time. It also has easier-to-read abstracts that highlight the main functions and use of a patent. The proprietary classification system of Derwent Codes, improves prior art searching to allow inventors to be sure their idea is novel.

John Meier, acting head of the Engineering Library, noted, “The Derwent Index puts unique, proprietary information in our researchers hands and also gives Penn State inventors another tool to advance their innovations.”

  •  The Zoological Records Database, searches records from 1864 to present.
  •  The Current Chemical Reactions database enhances the usability of bibliographic records by enabling chemists to see structures and chemical reactions in the Web of Science records from 1985 to present. This allows students and faculty to more rapidly identify publications relevant to their research.
  • The Index Chemicus expands the range of chemical journals for which indexing is now available using the Web of Science search platform, and  coverage includes 1993 to present.

For more information or for questions about the physical access provided, contact John Meier at jjm38@psu.edu or 814-867-1448.

Last Updated November 11, 2014