Around the College: July 3, 2019

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David Baker, professor of education (educational theory and policy) and sociology, co-authored "Do cyber charter schools harm public education for the most disadvantaged?" published by the Brookings Institute.

Katerina Bodovski, associate professor of education (educational theory and policy), recently presented "Is Academia an Olympic Sport?" at the University of Idaho. A recording of her talk can be viewed at

Roy Clariana, professor of education (learning, design, and technology), and Kevin Kinser, professor of education (higher education), have been reappointed as department heads for their respective departments. Their initial three-year appointments, which ended on June 30, have been extended for an additional three years.

Erica Frankenberg, professor of education (educational leadership) and demography, has been quoted in several publications regarding her research related to school busing and integration in Berkeley, including the Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic and The Washington Post.

— Faculty members Erica Frankenberg, Matthew Poehner and Kai Schafft have been promoted to the rank of professor, and Wendy Conduti and Jonté Taylor have been granted tenure and promoted to the rank of associate professor. Katie Hoffman has been promoted to the rank of teaching professor and Kaleena Selfridge has been promoted to the rank of associate teaching professor.

— Roger Geiger, emeritus professor of education (higher education), published "American Higher Education since World War II: A History." He also authored "Ending the Growing Student-Debt Problem," an opinion letter published by the Wall Street Journal.

Kevin Kinser, professor of education (higher education), was quoted in the article "Why Walmart, Disney and so many other companies are paying for their employees' college education," published by MarketWatch. He also was quoted in "Exclusive: Kamala Harris's new plan to train unemployed and underemployed workers, explained," published by Vox, and "Fact-Checking nine 2020 Democratic candidates in South Carolina," published by CNN.

David Passmore, distinguished professor of education (workforce education and development), published "Severity of U.S. constructor worker injuries, 2015-2017" in E3S Web of Conferences.

Ashley Patterson, assistant professor of education (language, culture, and society), was quoted in "The Tricky Ethics of Using YouTube Videos for Academic Research," published online by Pacific Standard.

Diandra Prescod, assistant professor of education (counselor education), is part of the organizing committee responsible for establishing the Pennsylvania Career Development Association, a state chapter of the National Career Development Association. Prescod also will serve as secretary for the new chapter.


— Henry J. Hermanowicz, who served as dean of the College of Education from 1974 to 1989, died June 15. A detailed obituary is available at

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