Encyclopedia is must-have reference for human resource professionals

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Human resource management is a vital function of any organization; it is at the nexus of business practice, psychology, and law. William Rothwell, professor of workplace learning and performance at Penn State, is the executive editor of a new three-volume encyclopedia that offers access to information on all manner of topics and issues related to the “people” side of business. Titled "The Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management" (Pfeiffer, 2012), the book will be available for purchase on April 24.

“Volume 1 covers an A to Z spectrum of all the key topics and issues related to human resource management, labor and workplace policy,” said Rothwell. “Volume 2 features hundreds of model employment forms; any item from Volume 1 that has forms associated with it will have forms provided in this volume. Forms are customizable or reproducible and compliant with current regulations. And Volume 3 provides a summary of employment law, labor relations, and human resources laws and practices from over 250 countries, including key primary documents and links to citations to law in the natural language of the country.”

According to Rothwell, the set will serve as a must-have reference for professionals in human resource management. “For students, researchers and educators, the encyclopedia will be a first stop on the way to more in-depth research,” he said. “For entrepreneurs, managers and employees, it will serve as an essential introduction and practical guide.

Rothwell’s research interests focus on the competencies of workplace learning and performance professionals, succession planning and talent management. Some of his other books are "Lean but Agile: Rethink and Gain a True Competitive Edge" (2012); "The Manager’s Guide to Maximizing Human Potential: Quick and Easy Ways to Develop Talent Every Day" (2009); "Effective Succession Planning," 4th ed. (2010); and "Invaluable Knowledge: Securing Your Company’s Technical Expertise-Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent, Transferring Technical Knowledge, Engaging High Performers" (2011).

Other editors of the encyclopedia include Robert Prescott, associate professor of human resource management at Rollins College; Jed Lindholm, president of Human Resource Performance Possibilities (HRP2); Karen Yarrish, associate professor and chair of the Business, Management, and Technology Division at Keystone College; Aileen Guerrero Zaballero, graduate student at Penn State; and Bud Benscoter, senior associate at Quanovia, Inc.

William Rothwell, professor of workplace learning and performance at Penn State Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

Last Updated January 09, 2015