Industrial engineering, ARL team win $1.5 million DARPA award

A team of industrial engineering faculty members and researchers from the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) have won a $1.5 million award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The one-year DARPA award from the Tactical Technology Office is for a project titled "Component, Context and Manufacturing Model Library" that will focus on building the computational framework for defining, storing and manipulating manufacturing process knowledge in a global, distributed context.

Mark Traband, research associate at ARL is the principal investigator, and Dan Finke, an associate research engineer at ARL, and Soundar Kumara, the Allen E. Pearce/Allen M. Pearce chaired professor in industrial engineering, are co-principal investigators. Also participating are Tim Simpson, professor of industrial engineering; Bob Voight, professor of industrial engineering; and Chris Saldana, assistant professor of industrial engineering.

Last Updated December 13, 2011