Plan revealed for Penn State Sustainability Experience Center

Penn State’s Center for Sustainability has created a master plan for its Sustainability Experience Center, a nine-acre site situated just off of Porter Road near Beaver Stadium.

The Sustainability Experience Center will be a destination for students, teachers, business leaders and citizens to experience and experiment with new (and old) ways to apply sustainable practices to food, water, building materials and energy systems. The nine acres will serve as a state-of-the-art space for experimenting with new energy systems that reduce environmental impact.

As Penn State’s “go-to” space for sustainability education, the Center will incorporate a host of pioneering technologies such as: a renewable energy net-zero home and lab; installation of a solar car and motorcycle port; rainwater harvesting; utilization of community gardens and a green house; and implementation of educational lectures from experts in the field.

An interactive map portraying the Sustainability Experience Center is available at the Center for Sustainability’s newly updated website at

In addition to the map, the updated website provides new resource pages for students, faculty and businesses. These pages are designed to actively engage visitors in conversations and practices that can help make the Penn State community and Pennsylvania a more sustainable place to live.

For additional information, visit or contact the Center for Sustainability at

Click on the image above to visit an interactive map portraying the Sustainability Experience Center. Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

Last Updated November 19, 2010