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Change in title of Evan Pugh University Professor reflects distinction

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State announced today (Sept. 17) that it is changing the title of the University’s highest faculty position to Evan Pugh University Professor.

The change, from Evan Pugh Professor, will aid in distinguishing University named professors from departmental and college named professors. It takes effect immediately.

“The title is meant to convey and reflect that the Evan Pugh Professor is the highest distinction that the University can bestow upon a faculty member,” said President Eric Barron. “The faculty who hold this title are recognized by their peers at Penn State and internationally for their significant achievements in research, creative works and teaching.”

The Evan Pugh Professorships were established in 1960 to honor preeminent professors and recognize the importance of research. Since then, a total of 68 faculty have received the honor. There are currently 22 active Evan Pugh University Professors, whose names and academic areas follow with their years of appointment:

  • George E. Andrews, mathematics, 1981;
  • Harry R. Allcock, chemistry, 1985;
  • Nicholas Winograd, chemistry, 1985;
  • Welford Castleman, chemistry, 1986;
  • Moses H. W. Chan, physics, 1994;
  • Paul F. Baum, mathematics, 1996;
  • Leonard S. Jefferson, cellular and molecular physiology, 1996;
  • Robert D. Hume, English, 1998;
  • Alexander Wolszczan, astronomy and astrophysics, 1998;
  • Richard B. Alley, geosciences, 2000;
  • Anthony Cutler, art history, 2004;
  • Joanna Floros, cellular and molecular physiology, 2004;
  • Nigel Higson, mathematics, 2006;
  • Mary Jane Irwin, computer science and engineering, 2006;
  • Donald Hambrick, business management, 2009;
  • Thomas Mallouk, chemistry and physics, 2009;
  • Jainendra Jain, physics, 2012;
  • James Kasting, geosciences, 2012;
  • Bruce Logan, environmental engineering, 2012;
  • Nina Jablonski, Anthropology, 2014;
  • Franklin Pugh, Biology, 2014;
  • and Andrew Read, Biological Sciences and Entomology, 2014.

The Office of the Vice President for Research administers the selection process with the Evan Pugh Advisory Committee reviewing nominations and making recommendations to the president. For more information, please contact Ruth Weber at rim100@psu.edu.

Last Updated September 17, 2015