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University committed to preventing sexual harassment

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The recent addition of two sexual harassment resource people to the Penn State Abington campus brings the total number at the campus to four, and the number University-wide to 123. Every college, campus and administrative unit at the University has at least one such person designated to handle complaints of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment resource people (SHRPs) are full-time Penn State employees who take on this role in addition to their regular job duties. They undergo annual training and are available to discuss any concerns or complaints. They also have direct access to the Affirmative Action Office at University Park. For a list of SHRPs, visit http://www.affirmativeaction.psu.edu/shrp.htm online.

Penn State has a policy prohibiting sexual harassment, policy AD-41 found at http://guru.psu.edu/policies/AD41.html online, and a complaint procedure to assist faculty, staff and students. Complaints of sexual harassment may be brought to the attention of a sexual harassment resource person, who will attempt to resolve the complaint at the departmental, college or work-unit level, with the assistance of the Affirmative Action Office. Complaints also may be taken directly to the Affirmative Action Office, or alternatively, the Office of Human Resources, the Division of Student Affairs or unit Human Resource manager. In all cases where the incident is not initially reported to the Affirmative Action Office, the person receiving the complaint will contact the Affirmative Action Office to discuss resolution and ensure consistent responses to issues across units and campuses.

The University is committed to preventing and eliminating sexual harassment. To this end the University maintains an educational program designed to promote an understanding of the impact that sexual harassment has on the learning and working environment of its students, staff and faculty. Everyone in the University community is encouraged to become aware of the policy and the resources available to assist with issues of sexual harassment.

For more information on sexual harassment and the University's Policy, go to http://www.affirmativeaction.psu.edu/pdf/SHbro.pdf online.

Last Updated March 14, 2012