Health and Human Development

Bailey honored with 2019 Support Staff Award

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Renee Bailey, administrative support assistant in the College of Health and Human Development, has been honored with Penn State's 2019 Support Staff Award.

Renee Bailey, administrative support assistant in the College of Health and Human Development at Penn State Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

The award recognizes the overall high-quality performance of a full-time member of the support staff with at least five years of active service in fulfilling the mission of the University and of his or her college or administrative unit. It also recognizes dedicated focus to customer service, commitment to quality improvement, outstanding skills and abilities, teamwork and professionalism.

Colleagues say Bailey is deserving of the award because she is a dedicated professional, committed to supporting faculty, staff and students. She’s also a team player who’s always up for challenges and never afraid of learning new skills, they said.

In her role as graduate admissions coordinator, colleagues said she is gifted at planning ahead, anticipating departmental needs long in advance and is extremely organized. At a time, she handles between 60-100 graduate student applications. In addition to fielding student questions, she handles scheduling, materials preparation and seeing that new protocols are properly implemented.

“With graduate students and faculty, she provides key support and is a major source of information about how things work and how to get them accomplished,” a nominator said. “She is dedicated to learning new skills, and is an extremely clear writer and communicator. Everyone can rely on her professionalism.”

Last Updated April 02, 2019