Hershey program brings physicians together with former patients

Dr. Christopher O'Hara puts on his pipe cleaner spectacles to the delight of former patient Savannah Doster at the “See Me Now” event. Credit: Penn State Health / Penn StateCreative Commons

Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center hosted an event called “See Me Now” on Tuesday that reconnects doctors and the patients they helped.

The program is geared to help decrease burnout among physicians caused by the prolonged stress of their jobs. Physician burnout affects more than half of all doctors, according to a recent study.

During the reunion at the University Conference Center, emergency doctors from Hershey Medical Center visited with two families:

  • Three young children who came into the Emergency Department in December 2016, after being removed from an abusive home.
  • A young girl who suffered a trauma and was cared for in the hospital’s pediatric Emergency Department and PICU.
Last Updated October 02, 2019