Alumna launches digital magazine that finds the beauty in travel

Inspired by an international experience as student and after proving her skills for several magazines, Lyndsay Green has launched Beauty Atlas, a digital magazine that showcases how people from all corners of the globe view beauty. Credit: Photo courtesy of Lyndsay GreenAll Rights Reserved.

Lyndsay Green was the first member of her family to get a passport. To say she is putting it to good use would be an understatement.

Fueled by a lifelong love of magazines, Green, who earned her Penn State journalism degree in 2010, took her interest in travel and created Beauty Atlas — a digital magazine that showcases how people from all corners of the globe view beauty. What are the styles? What kind of natural resources do some regions have that others do not? How do different cultures define “beautiful?”

For nearly six years, Green covered style and beauty for a number of well-known magazines like Ebony and Teen Vogue. When it was time to move on, she began looking for a position that blended her love of international travel and beauty/style, but there was a problem.

“I was not interested in the jobs I was finding because the job I wanted didn’t exist,” she said. “There are a ton of travel magazines, but none have a strong commitment to the beauty section. In many ways, I felt like I had a vision of what Beauty Atlas could be ever since I studied abroad. I was going to have to make the job myself.”

Green spent a semester in Spain during her junior year at Penn State. She had always wanted to see the world, and the trip was her first international experience. She loved it.

“I went to Barcelona, Salamanca and Toledo … I also had the opportunity to visit Amsterdam, Morocco, Portugal, Greece,” she said. “I was able to do a lot.”

During these travels, Green observed the many differences and similarities in how cultures defined beauty. She saw styles and beauty products that locals used and how they dressed. She wanted to document what she was seeing.

“In some ways, women are very similar. We all want beautiful, shiny, long hair and no one wants an uneven skin tone,” she said. “It is the diverse views of beauty that drive Beauty Atlas.”

For example, an article in the magazine’s first issue takes its readers to Bali and introduces them to the “Balinese smile.” Teenagers on the Indonesian island file down the top rows of their teeth, specifically the canines. The unusual practice (called “mepandes”) is a spiritual custom that has become a part of feeling beautiful in Bali. (Read more about Bali at:

“Bali is known for its massages and beauty … and powerful ingredients and oils,” Green said. “In this first issue, we hop around the islands and we delve into the region like a travel magazine would, but we focus on beauty topics that your average tourism book would skip.”

Digital is a perfect format for Beauty Atlas and enables it to be a convenient resource while on trips. Or as Green says, “It’s not another big heavy travel book weighing down your backpack.” Readers can seek out specialty spas and discover oils and creams not easily found in other parts of the world. The issues feature colorful high-resolution images that highlight scenic locations and beautiful people. It is also heavily interactive and smartphone friendly.

The first issue of the quarterly publication was released this summer and the fall issue is in the works. Green has other big things planned, too. She hopes to publish an annual issue that overviews the previous year’s work and lets readers revisit some of the locations, people and beauty styles. Like a “magazine/coffee table book,” the print issue would include exceptional photographs and new information that ties into the magazine, its website and blog.

Although she is still in the early stages of publishing Beauty Atlas, Green says she is interested in hosting an annual event in a large city to promote the magazine and “give readers a physical experience.” She would also love to create an app to supplement the magazine so fans of international beauty can access travel information anytime and anywhere.

Versions of these goals first emerged when Green developed her love for magazines at a young age. With a boost from a semester trip to Spain, she can now inspire her readers to travel, try new things, and appreciate what “beauty” means all over the world. And not just her readers, Green is seeking out interns and young writers to help publish the magazine. She wants to share her passion with the next generation.

“I’d tell students to start as early as possible … whether it’s internships or writing for the Collegian,” said Green, who was a writer-editor for the student-run Valley Magazine and held two internships as a student. “Be proactive. Meet deadlines. Don’t wait until graduation to start working toward your goal.”

For Green, her goals continue to be sharing an appreciation for global beauty, creating a one-of-a-kind interactive magazine, and filling up those empty pages in her passport.

Last Updated June 02, 2021